Thursday, May 04, 2006

So Long

Lately I've been VERY run down and fatigued and getting headaches almost every day, so that's one of my reason for not posting a lot. But while I'm trying to get lot of other things done around the house, I'm going to give myself another one. I'm packing our bags and we are leaving. Tomorrow we get to make the fun 14 hour drive to Seattle to go visit my family and hopefully the kids do well and it won't take us much longer than 14 hours. Wish us luck and we'll be blogging later.


dustin said...

Bon voyage. How about that latest episode of lost huh? I'm just not sure I liked it. Enjoy Seattle!

Emily said...

:( i'm sure sorry you're having headaches everyday. you know i know how that is -- but i'm sure we both wish we didn't! hopefully this'll be a relaxing vacation for you.

Rachelle said...

I hope you start feeling better soon!