Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How could you not know!

So when I was home a week or so ago my mom told me an interesting story. She went to get her hair cut by her regular lady, who informed her of the story. I know kind of hear-say. This is a story about the hairstylist who cuts hair next to my mom's hairstylist, if that makes sense. So one of my mom's hairstylist close co-workers. Well call this lady "Stacy" I guess to make things easy. Stacy is rather heavy-set and has a daughter who is about 16 years old. One day she was having some really bad pain and decided to go to the hospital, they ran test and did all the normal stuff to try to figure out what was causing her the discomfort. Turns out she was pregnant and in LABOR!!!! So the solution to her problem was pretty quick fix and just deliver the baby, and she got a nice little keep sake and momento of the occasion, a little baby boy.
Now I think most of us have heard story like this, but I've never heard one that was close enough to someone I know than this to actually make me believe this happens. I've had my hair cut by my mom's hairstylist tons of times, so I probably might have even seen this lady, been familiar with her. Stories like this just boggle my mind. It leaves me with TONS of questions and I wish I knew someone that this happened to so I could ask them. Me having really easy pregnancies can understand how you could not know you are pregnant until well into the second half of the pregnancy. I'll give "Stacy" the benefit of the doubt since she has some extra weight, that she didn't look pregnant (heck I don't think I ever look 9 months pregnant even when I am), and she probably might not even gained weight or enough to noticed, or it could be normal for her to go up and down, so she didn't even think twice about the body changes going on, and since her daugher is 16 she could be old enough to being going through those later in life changes and her cycle could be irregular or non-existant. But how can you not at 9 months pregnant not feel a baby move and wonder what in the world is going on inside you. I could be stupid but I don't think anyone gets heartburn bad enough to have it feel like a baby kicking you or jabbing you in the ribs. I guess that has to be a pretty easy pregnancy to not even know you are pregnant or in labor, but leave you no preparation time. Any way, I just thought it was interesting to hear another one of those stories and made me think and scratch my head. Maybe someday I'll have my questions answered or maybe someone who might read this knows the answers or has been in "Stacy's" shoes.


melnel said...

I heard a story like that once from my aunt--a lady she knew through another friend.

I couldn't believe it either. Maybe the baby wasn't a big "mover" and she just thought the kicks were severe indigestion? I think you'd have to be PRETTY big not to notice or wonder for 9 months, though.

Crazy. Good story for a blog, though. :)

Emily said...

hmmm. i've never heard of anything like this. but it's pretty hilarious. i guess to me, it'd be one thing if stacy hadn't had a child before...b/c then you don't really know what it's like. but if you have? then i'm confused.

Stephanie said...

I have heard these kind of stories before too. One woman had had a lot of hormonal fluctuations which caused weight gain and irregular periods. She also thought she was infertile. I don't know about the movement part. That could be why she went in. But anyway, she was 7 months along. And then she ended up having the baby a week later. Talk about shock!