Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I should've stayed home

Well we are back from our trip. We got back last night after 14 hours on the road. And good news it's been 3 days since my last pain reliever, so hopefully it continutes that way.
I don't even want to know what else today has in store for me, or I guess us (the family). B is, I think getting her 2 top teeth, so hasn't been sleeping well, so she slept in our bed from about 3:30 on which I hate when kids are in my bed. S slept in til 8, which is a miracle! The hubby got up and ready to go, so so far so good. And then the usual happened, his ride is late, the joys of being a one car family. He's either on time or at least 30 minutes late, usually the later. I guess at least they are their own bosses, otherwise they would have been fired months ago. Today he called to see where his ride was and he was just getting out of bed at 8:30 when they should be arriving at work. Often times I'll offer to drive him, but usally he'll just wait, but today was different, since it was a lot later than normal and usually by this time the driver is out of the shower or on his way, but today he's just getting out of bed, the hubby takes me up on the offer. He drives there and I drive back. Well today started off ok, besides the fact I don't feel like unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry and everything else that needs to get done and now I don't think I will. We were 2 minutes away from his work, when we got in an accident! There were several cars in front of us and the light just turned red, but there were enough cars in front of us that at this point you are just paying attention to the car in front of you instead of the light. Well the car in front of us wasn't paying attention and hit the car in front of her (which she saw coming, so she tried to swerve out of the way, thought she still got hit) and then that car hit the car in front of it. I don't think the lady that caused the accident ever hit her breaks until after she hit the car. The hubby fortunately was paying enough attention to put on his breaks, the contact between the two cars were going to happen. So we ended up tapping her. We lucked out and only got a little mark on our bumper, which is a good thing, because since we hit her, even though it was her fault, if a report was filed it would be our fault. So they had it as two accidents, the first three cars and then us and the car in front of us. Nice for us that there wasn't really any damage to our car, or at least we can tell by looking.
Just when my life starts to get calm there is always something that gets thrown in there. Doesn't the Lord know I need some Re-coop time!!!! I would like some calm for a while. Well wish my luck in my day, I'm staying home and doing NOTHING, so hopefully nothing else goes wrong.


melnel said...

Staying home and doing nothing sounds like good recoop time. I'm glad you made it home from your trip okay.

Are you ready for all hte hot weather here? I can't stand it.

dustin said...

I'm glad the accident wasn't so bad but I understand things like that can cause quite a sudden rise in anxiety. Over the weekend I had an accident where I got hit in the face.

I have a nice gash on my cheek and a black eye but more than that it seems to effect your sense of security for awhile. Not to mention having to explain how you got the injury to about a million people because they can't help but notice.

Heather said...

Sounds like quite the rough day. It really does seem like everything always happens on the same day. Very hectic. Hope things get better for you!