Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Simple Pleasures

A couple weeks ago we went on a walk and I've been meaning to post about it for a while. We went for a short walk and then were going to go home and watch a movie for some family time. So we told our kids they couldn't play with kids that were coming over. When we were a few blocks away from home we notice a "swarm" of dragonflies maybe 30 or so just flying in front of house, they were going crazy but fun to watch. Well when we got back to our house we were getting ready to go inside and realized we had a "swarm" of at least 20 in front of our house. So instead of going inside we let the kids stay out and try to catch them. They had a blast. The hubby did some research and found that in Japan they catch large dragonflies with a piece of hair and small rocks tied to either end and throw it in the air. So we tried several different materials that are similar to hair and tried to catch them. We eventually got some of the neighbor kids to join us, because they saw us outside after we told them our kids couldn't play and saw us looking crazy in our driveway jumping around. From across the street they couldn't tell what we were doing because they couldn't see the dragonflies. For whatever reason they were only in front of our house, but everyone enjoyed them and trying to catch. It's always fun to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


Colin said...

While serving my mission in Japan we never used that tactic to catch dragon flies. The best way that was shown to us by Japanese people was to just stick your index finget out, close to the dragon fly and then hold it very still. Once they get on your finger you take your other hand and with your index finger make slow circular motions right above their eyes. Once you do that they will stay on your finger for quite some time.

In fact on Tuesday we were at a rexburg city celebration at one of the local parks and there was a single dragonfly flying above the kids heads and I just stuck my finger out right below the dragonfly and it took maybe 5 seconds for the dragon fly to land on my fingers and then I brought it down and showed the kids.

BradandBrittney said...

Your so funny... i don't think you are a stalker. It was nice to have you and your family's the recipe its so simple.
To make 12 roll-ups I use
-2 Big and flaky Pillsbury crescent rolls
-1 box of Stove top chicken stuffing
-1 8oz block of cream cheese
-About 4-5 boiled chicken breast (depending on how much chicken you want...i like more)
I first boil the chicken and shred it. I then make the stuffing. When it all cooked I mix the two (the chicken and the stuffing). Then I add the cream cheese, and mix it all together. Mix in the cream cheese while the stuffing is still hot and it will melt all together. Then put it on the crescent roll...roll it up and cook it for how ever the long the crescent rolls say. I thinks its like 16 minutes on 400. Thats it!! Its super simple and super fast, but super tasty.