Sunday, August 31, 2008

No so little any more

Well Wednesday was Stir Fry's, my oldest child, first day of Kindergarten. I can't believe how big his getting and how fast time is going. I walked him down to school the first day, because parents were asked to come for the first little bit to help the kids do tasks they will be doing every day and other things like finding their desk, their cubby, their hook for their backpack, make a birthday candle for the birthday charts. It was fun to see his classroom and his classmates. There were a few kids falling apart, like one of his best friends who lives across the street, who is extremely shy. And there were a few parents who were having a hard time keeping it together. I stayed under control, because I didn't think to much into what was happening, otherwise I'm sure I would have. My little boy is not so little any more. He needs me less and less. He's always been my social kid, from the very beginning when he was a baby. He loves people and being with others, so I hope that he'll be a good friend to many. He is so eager to learn. Good luck my little Stir Fry and the many years to come. May you always be so excited about learning and life. I love you!

Ready to leave on the way to the first day of Kindergarten

By his classroom, standing by the boat with all the kids names

Sitting at his table with all his new classmates

Sitting at his table working on his first project decorating a visor

Friends he's walking/riding to school with (we are lucky there are so many kinergarteners in our ward, and these guys all just live doors away from each other)


Blake said...

wow i can't believe it i couldn't imagine haveing a kid that old is it weird?

beccastreb said...

How exciting! I taught kindergarten for a year. It is a big day for kids and parents. Have fun!