Monday, November 05, 2007

The cosutmes

So this years theme for the costumes were the Wizard of Oz. I made Baluga's Dorothy dress, and Stir Fry's Tin Man costume. I didn't make Speedy's lion outfit, it was one Stir Fry wore his first Halloween. All and all I think they turned out pretty good. The kids had fun trick or treating. Baluga came home early when some older kids in masks scared her and she came home and helped me pass out candy. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I had too many pictures to put on one post, so make sure you check out the next post too.

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-MaRiE- said...

Oh my word, the kids are so adorable! And the costume ideas are fabulous! Nicely done, sista! Can I steal your kids? Okay, fine, I'll take just one... That'll leave you two. XOXO