Wednesday, November 21, 2007

8 things meme

I got tagged by Emily at the Sassy Lime to do this, so I here I go.
It says to list the rules, but didn't see any so here are my rules. List 8 things about yourself that most people might not know about you. List the person you tagged you and tag 8 other people.

1) My kids are my life, and I often forget about myself and just focus on them, which makes it hard for me to think of 8 things that people might not know about me.

2) I don't sew much, but consider myself to be pretty good at it.

3) To go along with number 2, although I can sew costumes, I tried to make speedy a patch quilt, and it's no where near even, when I went to fold it it was very lop sided. So I can sew harder things but not straight line and straight rectangles of material.

4) I consider myself to be a better than normal cook.

5) I have a hard time talking about myself, especially the positive, that's why for number 4 I didn't say I'm a great cook, even though I am.

6) Growing up I didn't like my curly hair, and it didn't help a boyfriend once told me he liked straight hair better. But now that I'm older I like it. I like the fact I can do my hair in one minute and just scrunch and go, which you straight hair people can't say, you have to blow dry it straight. Lucky me!

7) I'm Thanksgiving is over since now I can listen to Christmas music. I don't like to skip over Thanksgiving, so I like to wait until after to start "thinking" about Christmas (although of course I have because I've been thinking about what to get people, who doesn't?). Although those darn radio stations have been playing Christmas music since almost the day after Halloween!

8) I look forward to holiday baking, making all the goodies, but I'll have to make sure I give most of it away, since sometimes when it comes to that stuff I have little self control.

So here are the people I tag to join in the fun. Stephanie, My sister-in-law Cori, Heather, Heather, Laura, and who ever else wants to that reads this that I didn't put.


Emily said...

fun, fun, fun. thanks for playing. :)

MomOf3 said...

I always loved your curly hair in high school.... and you do need to give yourself more credit!