Thursday, August 17, 2006

Returning to my life and what it holds

There were reasons why I was looking forward to coming home from vacation and reasons why I never wanted to. I love being with my family, and I wished I lived closer and got to spend more time with them. I enjoyed. I like the added help of grandparents and an aunt and uncle. I enjoyed the help of my husband all the time. But I didn't like the lack of sleep I got because of my baby girl, although luckily she didn't disturb Stir Fry sleep. I looked forward to getting in my own bed, my own room, a routine again. But I didn't look forward to what awaited me, or should I say what didn't await me.
The last nine months I have worked very hard at enjoying where we are at at this point in our lives. Before last November I was very unhappy with where we were living, our lack of friends, and everything else that came with life outside of our family. It had been a little over three years since we had moved to this place and I had "tolerated" it long enough. I wasn't happy, and since moving wasn't and still isn't quite yet I finally decided to make due with what I had. We made a real conscious effort at meeting new people and making friends. After several months it started to pay off, we had met people we enjoyed doing stuff with and finally reciprecated our invitation to do things. I was content and would even say happy. I had friends, which everyone needs some, and my kids had friends. There were 3 or 4 ladies that I got along really well with. The day before we left on vacation one moved across the country to the east coast, where he husband got accepted to law school. The one that I'm closest to friendship wise, and location wise (she lives right next door) found out short before we left that he husband was to go to Iraq! She has a daughter that is 2 weeks younger than Baluga and another that is about a year older than Stir Fry, but she his best friend. Her family lives in Colorado, so she decided to move back there. I would do the same, I don't blame her. They left on vacation right before they did and we left right as they got back, so now that we are home we have until Friday and then she is gone. We returned home, and I found out he has not left yet, which he was suppose to leave the 9th. He isn't sure when he is leaving and might not even leave, but they are still moving! Why did the Lord do this to me? I feel I'm back where I started 9 months ago, although I know what I'll be missing. I just hope and pray we get good neighbors that we get along with and have kids to play with.
Sorry for the pitty party, I'm just bummed to be home. Any thoughts on how I can make the best of the situation?


Emily said...

:( i'm sorry. but hey, we'd be happy to have your crew over for dinner; make new friends but keep the old. that's what they say, right?

if i were you, i'd start looking for other fun couples/families and have dinner parties or game nights. there aren't many better ways to get to know ppl. than by having an informal get together where everyone can talk and laugh. good luck. :)

Heather said...

We had some really good neighbors that moved a few months ago, but have now had some awesome ones move in! You never know, you may get some neighbors that you instantly click with. Maybe not, but you can hope for that. If not, it sounds like you know what kind of things you can keep on doing. Does your local library have reading groups or sessions for the kids. I've met good friends by going to those in some of the other areas we've lived in and where we didn't know anyone!