Thursday, August 17, 2006

My closet obsession

During my pre-teens I discovered a great love, dance. I started taking classes and I loved it, I found joy and happiness in it. Every time recital time came around, I envied the girls who were in mulitple routines and could take all different kinds of dance. But at the same time I knew I was luck to just be taking one class. My family struggled financially (but we were always happy and strong) and our extracurricular activities were limited. Unfortunately I was only able to take classes for a few years. The place I was taking classes at made a rule that in order to take anything besides ballet, you had to take ballet (for technique purposes). When I heard this, there wasn't even a decision to be made, I had to stop. I couldn't ask my parents to try to afford another class and all the expenses that come with that. So before I knew it, it was over. I didn't ever think it really bothered me, sure I would love to take clases if things worked out, but I was ok with it (or so I thought). Now here it is over 10 years later, and I find myself obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance and watching it religously. It helps that my kids like it and will dance along with the contestants, gives me a "good" excuse to watch it. "I watch it because my kids like it." Although anytime I try to use that excuse my husband will say otherwise. I realize now, that I miss dance, I wished I took more, I wish I was better, heck I wish I was confident in my abilities, I wish a lot of things. But unfortunately there isn't a lot that the dance world has to offer a mom in her mid-20's with little experience looking to rediscover dance. So my solution...Watch SYTYCD and think what might have been and cry and try to live through them. I hope that I can be blessed enough to let my kids experience the world and discover and do what they love. I also hope that I can seperate my love from their love, since there are a lot of parents try to live through their children, and make them love what they love.


Andrew said...

I should get my daughter to read this. She loves dance, does several different types, and would probably appreciate it all the more after reading your story.
To Love, Honor and Dismay

Emily said...

house warden;
thanks so much for your sweet comment at my place earlier. it was encouraging and brought me hope. :)