Friday, June 24, 2011

Confessions of a stay at home mom

I think all of us have "secrets". Well maybe they aren't secrets but we like to keep it to ourselves, and pretend like we don't do these things as mothers, but when we hear other people say it we kind of smile and chuckle, because it makes us a little happy and feel good that we aren't the only ones who do these things.

1)I don't really like to do laundry. Ok that probably isn't a secret, I'm sure most of us don't. It seems like the more kids we have the harder it is to stay on top of it. Well instead of staying on top of it, I usually do it when it's a necessity. Like when there are no more clean pairs of underwear and I know it needs to be done. Or all my exercise wear is dirty, and I know the people that I'm next too in a class won't appreciate the already sticky sweaty clothes.

2)What goes better with washing clothes then folding. This is the worst part for me. Sometimes clothes or towels stay in the dryer until I need to put another load in which might be a few days. Or the hubby is looking for something and ask if there is any clean and I say go check the dryer, and while you are at it bring the clean stuff up so I can take care of it.

3)Even worse than folding, or at least for me is hanging up clothes. When I'm folding clothes I usually toss the stuff to be hung up into another basket that is all the clothes that need to be hung up. I usually wait until this is full before I do anything about it. Which means most of the time they get a "few" wrinkles in them. I kind of wish it would take care of itself. When I'm folding clothes I can just be in one place and put everyone's folded clothes in their own piles and then they can take care of them. But with the hang up stuff, that requires me to get up and go into the different bedrooms to put them away. Not too hard I know but I still don't like it.

Well I think I've probably aired enough of my own "dirty laundry" for today. I hope this makes some of you moms feel a little better about that job you are doing. We all have those days! And we all have those tasks we don't like doing!

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Cori said...

Ha ha!! Totally the worst well right behind cleaning the bathroom:( I finally have gotten myself on schedule of laundry that really works and still only have to do 1-2 loads only 3 days a week! But the hanging up is the worst. Luckily the 3 older ones have become pretty good at getting hangers and hanging their own stuff up. but mine and colin's hangup stuff sits on our cedar chest in our room as we speak and its been there since monday!! maybe i should go take care of hat right now.