Saturday, April 09, 2011

Happy Birthday

It's been a pretty crazy week. It started off with the tree incident. And then on Sunday we had a birthday celebration for my mom since she was in town visiting, even though her birthday wasn't for 2 more days. Then on Monday we celebrated this handsome boy's birthday.

I can't believe he is 8! Where did time go? On his birthday we celebrated with family and had with cake.

Then today we celebrated with friends. He wanted an animal party so we had a friend of ours who owns a wildlife education facility. It was a hit, or at least I loved it. I wish I would have taken more pictures. I always think about getting my camera out a little too late. She brought a chinchilla, a skunk, an umbrella cockatoo, a bunny,

and a sulcata tortoise. Oh how cute, these two were reunited, although I don't think they really cared, since our little titan wouldn't come out of "his" (not sure its gender, but we always refer to Titan as a boy) shell. This is Titan with his mother. He used to be the size of a quarter when he was born, but he is much bigger now. It's amazing how much he has grown in a little over a year.

To go along with the animal theme we made these adorable cupcakes.

Happy Birthday to my little man.


rb said...

Good job on the cupcakes, they turned out cute! Sorry we didn't come to the party today, it turned out to be a crazy day, but it sounds like it was fun! Happy Birthday Stirling!

Cara said...

Happy birthday to your little man. :) He will love cub scouts! :) My son just turned 8 in February and has been thoroughly enjoying it. :) And I *love* the cupcakes! So cute!