Friday, June 12, 2009


Things around here have been a little crazy lately.
The hubby has been working long hours to try to meet deadlines for a launch so their client can start testing the product, so we haven't seen him much around here.
The dentist has become our second home. I think our children inherited the hubby's "wonderful" teeth. We had check ups a month or so ago, and there wasn't any good news. Baluga went last Tuesday to have some work done, and did amazing!!!! No crying until after everything was done and she bit her cheek!. Monday Stir Fry went in to have sealant put on his teeth and to fix a couple teeth and did alright for what the poor child has been through at the dentist (cavities and having 3 teeth pulled, two of which were his two year old molars). He cried but it went ok. It's still enough to break a mother's heart. Yesterday (Thursday) Baluga went back for more work to be done and I was hoping it would go as well as last time. When they gave her the shots and she didn't cry, I thought we were in the clear. She did cry though when they were drilling and removing the cavity. But even still what a trooper for just being 3!!! And then today was the last of it Speedy went to the hospital to be put under so they could work on his teeth. The hubby took him in EARLY this morning and I stayed home with the other two, trying to sleep but really just worrying! They fixed his teeth and luckily put some sealant on it, I was wondering how we were going to stop this from happening again if he just has crappy teeth. Things went well I guess and he came home wanting to play but awnry. We have to go back to the dentist in a week or so and have Speedy just looked at to make sure things are ok.
Amongst all of this I had an overnight for girls camp this Tuesday to Wednesday. I'm lucky to have a great friend, Jessica, who took my kids that morning until the hubby got home from work, and then took them again the next morning until I got back so I could go! We had a good time. It sprinkled on and off most of the day and poured for a while when we were in our tents trying to sleep. Next week is girls camp so hopefully after next week is over things will calm down.
Last night my friend Jessica and I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert. She was suppose to go with her husband, but he had to work. We aren't huge fans but still enjoyed her music and had a good time, even while it rained for a little bit. Jess' husband works at UVU which is where the concert was and they got tickets for free, which is why we went.
So I'm counting down the days until my craziness ends and I can breath and relax for a while and hopefully get my house cleaned and organized better. Wish me luck!


Ryan & Amanda said...

Whoa crazy teeth stories! I hope it comes from Jeremy like you said so hopefully we can miss out on all that wonderfulness! Good luck with camp and hopefully you will have nice weather and everything will be calm at home :) That is great you got to go to the concert!

Cori said...

wow that is craziness,Speedy seems so young to be getting a mouth full of stuff done. Hope he is doing better!!!

MomOf3 said...

Wow! What a nightmare at the dentists.... We had to have Austin put under at the hospital while they worked on his teeth last year. Not very fun :( The anethesia sure does make them cranky!!!! Good luck to you, hope you are able to relax soon.

Colin said...

doSounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun! Good luck with all the upcoming things; the ones you know about, and the ones you don't. By the way when you figure out how to calm down life let me know, cause I don't think it ever does!

Amy said...

Wow that is some crazy teeth stuff! I'm glad to hear that it's all over and done with though! I don't think anyone enjoys going to the dentist, especially little kids! Glad to hear you had fun camping and at the concert! Hang in there... things will get less crazy! Have a great week!