Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sabbath Activities

Well were we live we have a little over a week long celebration in our town of our heritage and history called Fiesta Days. They have a wide variety of things for us to enjoy, from a carnival, rodeo, different displays and parades and other things. Tonight we enjoyed one of the first of a few activities of Fiesta Days that we as a family will enjoy.
The hubby found out at church he had some responsibilities for his calling to do, which interfered with the time of this activity. So he called and talked to some people to see if things could be moved up or back so we can still enjoy our family activity, which he was able to move things up. When he told the guy he was doing stuff with what we were doing, he was kind of surprised that we were going. I was a little shocked, because I didn't see anything wrong with what we had planned.
So what did we do tonight?.....
We went to a concert. There was a free concert in the park. There was a group called Joshua Creek performing. I didn't know much about them except this...they sing Christian music. Here in Utah they play spiritual music on some radio stations on Sunday and I had heard a song or two of theirs on the radio. Turns out after going there they LDS, but either way Christian or LDS, isn't the message the same? They did some fun songs and they did some spiritual songs, all and all it was a good time. And we had good quality time as a family.
Being a primary teacher to 3-4 year old sunbeams, often I don't feel I get much out of church. So I didn't see why someone would question our choice of activities when I felt more of the spirit there then often times I do when I'm trying to get a group of 7-10 3 year olds to sit in their chairs, listen to my lesson, not tell 10 minute stories about nothing. I found it very uplifting and something we could enjoy as a family.
So the question is this, what do you find appropriate for Sabbath day activities? As long as we are together as a family and being uplifted somehow and we aren't spending money I think for the most part I'm ok, although everything is on a case by case basis. But then you think is someone having to work? Well were they working, I don't know. But the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs every Sunday and people do firesides on Sunday. I think their are a lot of enriching activities we can expose our children to, to help them appreciate the arts, whether they be Mormon or not that we can enjoy on Sunday. And go check out Joshua Creek, turns out one of the guy teaches at BYU (and I think I had a class with him).
And funny thing, while we were on our way home we were listening to our Sunday music on the radio and they were talking about an upcoming event for this group for $20 a family, and we just enjoyed them for free for a couple hours.


Cori said...

I would of gone, I don't think its breaking the Sabbath. But I can also see how some would think it is. I mean some people don't watch tv on Sunday or anything like that. So I guess it depends on how you were raised, and how extreme you are with your sabbath day. But for me if we were close we probably would of met you there!!!!!

emily said...

i think i'm about like you -- i do tend not to take part in more athletic pursuits on sunday, even as a family. but for me (and you, i bet), music is one of the most uplifting things i feel like i could be doing on the sabbath!

Marie said...

I personally think the true importance is held in spending TIME as a FAMILY TOGETHER! I grew up in a household where the Sabbath was a day when no activities were allowed, HOWEVER the family did nothing together as a unit the majority of the time. My parents did not choose to utilize this time as it was/is intended. Sundays quickly became the definition of boredom, strict rules, and the word "no". My point? In going to the concert, your family spent good, wholesome, uplifting time together!! Follow the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law!