Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm at it again

Well if any of you remember, last year at this time I took my first attempt at sewing and made my kids Halloween costumes. Well I'm doing it again this year. They are almost done. Baluga's needs a few eye hooks sewn on, and Stir Fry's needs some minimal sewing that hopefully get done by this weekend. Speedy's costume I'm not sewing, they don't make many patterns for that little of babies. We are doing a theme again this year, but I'm going to wait until Halloweeenish when I have pictures to disclose the theme. Wish me luck in getting them done and I hope you are ready for Halloween.


Stephanie said...

Good for you. I tried to do Engineer's costume, but ummm... I'm too busy? And not good enough ar understanding patterns? I got it all cut out, and my mom is doing the rest.

Stephanie said...

How did I NOT remember that that is what they were last year? Guess what my kids were this year? Yep. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. HA!