Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Count down

Well I'm glad to report that things have improved, (almost 1 week and 9 pounds down later) although we are still going slow on adding to the diet.
On another note, I had my LAST doctors appointment today. Holy cow where did the time go? I'm 3 cm, which with my other two I was only 1-2 cm up until labor. They stripped my membranes today and scheduled me for an induction on Monday, August 27th. So sometime between now and then there should be another addition to our family. We are still debating on a name, we have a list of about 4 that we go back and forth on. Everyone is kind of leaning towards one name, which they are just trying to convince me to agree to use. We'll see.
So my next post will probably be as the mom of three, wish us luck!


Da Mama said...

Holy Cow!!! So exciting! I guess we will find out the name when you call us. Maybe I should give you our cell phone numbers since we are spending so much time away from our house so people can walk through it. And I definetley don't want to miss this call!! Good luck I wish I was around to help out with the other kiddies, I might be down labor day weekend, if we aren't moving then, to visit my grandma who isn't doing well at all. So maybe I can pop over and see your new little one!!! Good luck, you are in our prayers.

MomOf3 said...

I am so excited for you!!! Hope your labor goes well for the both of you and is quick. I think it is so nice to be induced!!!! I was with all three of mine and makes it so nice, just knowing you will not have to wait any longer than the scheduled day!!!
Good luck!