Friday, May 04, 2007

Poor thing

Up until yesterday, weather has been pretty nice around here, which is leaving the kids wanting to play outside ALL of the time. Wednesday they were outside in the back playing and we weren't out there for more than a couple minutes when this happened.
There are a couple cement stairs from the back door leading down to the carport area, which she has gone up and done tons of times. But this day, just wasn't her day. I just barely sat down to read my book and looked up to see her face plant into the first stair and then flip over backwards. Fortunately this is the only damage on her check and nose.

It's one of those things that you see happen, that seem to go in extra slow motion, but yet you couldn't get yourself there to do anything about it. You gotta love it when that happens.
I think it's still a little sore and definitely swollen. She's funny about letting me touch her ouchies. She'll let her dad check on her teeth coming in and feel her gums without a fuss, the minute I try anything like that she cries and says "no, mommy!"
This last picture I took today, while she cried and said, "No, no, no picture mommy!" The first two pictures were taken by her daddy, which she was pretty cooperative about, and of course for me this picture was taken in between her putting her head on my pillow crying and telling me not to take her picture. She's also said a few times when we have asked to look at her cheek, "No, not look at me!"
She's been kind of funny about it. And this has been her first real accident and I feel bad since it happened on my watch, but to keep myself from crying and feeling too bad, I need to tell myself kids will be kids and they'll get hurt. The last few days she has seemed to be more clumsy, so maybe she's just getting into that phase. Hopefully she won't be too self destructive for my sake.


Marie said...

Oh, poor little Bailey! Look at all those sad faces! She still manages to be so adorable... bumps, scratches, and all!

Emily said...

poor thing. she looks shocked at the injustice of it all. i'm sure she'll be on the mend soon, that's how kids are. :)

Da Mama said...

So Sad. Sometimes don't you wish you could just rewind time for 5 mnutes and prevent your child from all the hurt. If we could I think we would of avoided all our ER. visits.

Amanda said...

Oh, she looks sooo sad. Just remind your self that Ryan threw a dart at Blake so hopefully S and B don't start throwing darts and you should end up all right.