Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So a friend and fellow blogger, blogged about cravings the other day, which made me think about pregnancy cravings. NO, I'm not pregnant!!!! But when I was, I NEVER had any weird cravings, like peanut butter and pickles, nothing I wouldn't eat normally when I wasn't pregnant. Now I've asked a few of my mother friends about this, and they haven't either. Are these unimaginable combination cravings a thing of the movies, just put in for laughs? Do they really exist in "normal" people? I say "normal", because the hubby's sister-in-law's little sister is pregnant and about "2 seconds" after she got pregnant she started having these weird cravings. Now let me tell you a little bit about her. Both the sister-in-law and sister grew up in a disfunctional family and in foster care, so everything for them is about drama and getting attention (not saying all turn out this way, but these girls did). So only know for a few weeks that she was pregnant she already started having these cravings, which for her, I think they are more imagined, because that is what pregnant women do is have weird craving, and so should I. So I want to know do they really exist. I know I don't have many readers, but maybe the ones who do read and have been pregnant can either go along with my conclusion that they don't exist, or prove me other wise (and make me happy that so far with 2 pregnancy I haven't had any), and have your other pregnant or have been pregnant friends leaves posts too, so we can find out. I'm curious, are you? So lets her your weird pregnancy cravings.


Heather said...

Vienna Sausages, Red Bell Peppers and RED MEAT!

I craved red meat like there was no tomorrow.

Oh and citrus and corn.

So, nothing all that weird. Like you said, stuff that I'd normally eat (except for the vienna sausages). And usually it revolved around protein or iron or something.

melnel said...

Thanks for the blog-link. :)

My co-worker's wife is pregnant and she has some strange cravings. The food isn't the strange part--instead, she craves something normal (like a burger) so strongly that it's as if she's going to die without it. So of course the hubs does his manly duty and gets it for her, but after the very first bite, it's suddenly the most disgusting thing on the planet and she can't eat it.

My coworker is learning a new dose of patience. :)

Emily said...

heehee. i've never been pregnant, but i get a lot of nausea w/migraines. my hubby will stand in the kitchen listing things off until i hear something i can eat.
but OTHER times, i have something in my mind - like a 7 layer burrito or something ridiculous that i REALLY want. that i feel like will magically remove the nausea.

sorry for the slightly unrelated comment; i had to after reading what melnel said. :)